Raw power for your marketing department.

If your company is looking for hyper growth, tap into an alternative that is better, cheaper, and more flexible than staffing up your team.

The normal way, with ordinary results

Build and staff an expensive marketing department with lots of overhead
Scale up or down over the course of months with considerable training costs
Engage costly third party providers for specialized tasks

The Antimatter way, with extra-ordinary results

Instantly spin up a marketing team with decades of experience with no overhead
Scale up or down in days with no extra training costs
Have every specialty built right into your marketing force

The world landscape has changed.

Hire a virtual marketing force that can adapt to any market condition

Makes economic sense

Once you find and hire great marketers, you’re burdened with salaries, benefits, and perks to keep them. This adds up fast. Many businesses end up spending more on their staff than on paid media.

  • An Antimatter virtual marketing force can cost one half of a typical 3 - 5 person marketing department
  • All hours we work directly impact the growth of your business
  • For every dollar you spend with us, get a multiple back in revenue
Marketing department
  • Salaries
  • Benefits
  • Cost of Hiring
  • Perks
  • Office Space
  • Unexpected Leave
  • $250k
  • $500k
Per Year
Antimatter marketing force
  • Hiring Costs
  • Perks & Office Space
  • Salaries & Benefits
  • Effective Strategy
  • Focused Execution
  • Reporting & Evolution
  • $12k
  • $24k
Per Month

Complete marketing ownership

We focus on the tactical, so you can focus on vision and the big picture. We show up with everything needed to plan, execute, report, and evolve. So your marketing just gets stronger and stronger.

  • We own our work as if we have equity in your venture. We’re all in
  • We attend your high-level strategy meetings for maximum alignment
  • No need to bring in other marketing agencies or resources, everything is covered

Flexible, nimble & scalable

The only constant in business is change. A company’s ability to adapt is crucial not only to survive but to thrive. Antimatter gives you the flexibility & power to take full advantage of unforeseen opportunities, while having a team that is always 100% utilized.

  • Double or triple your marketing power in a few days, not a few months
  • Immediately adapt to uncertain times or rapid growth. No penalties for pausing or canceling
  • Readily available using your existing means of communication, such as email, Slack, text, phone, and Zoom

World-class, battle-tested team

Instantly acquire a team with over 30+ years of experience, each member having vast experience in their discipline.

  • Every point person is a seasoned expert in their skillset, at a Director level or above
  • We work together tightly as a unit
  • We can strengthen your existing marketing stack, or bring a modern stack to you

To generate results that defy physics, we use a proven, data-driven process

Build strategy

Custom strategy is built based on deep experience, to get your company from where you are to where you want to be.

Integrated execution

Your tightly knit marketing force will execute quickly and efficiently across numerous digital marketing disciplines.

Executive reporting & review

Your leadership team is given granular reporting and data-driven insights for everything.

Gain insights to evolve and adapt

Generated insights help refine and evolve the marketing strategy for maximum impact.

Powered by a comprehensive marketing stack

  • Paid acquisition strategy
  • Inbound content strategy
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Web design & development
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising on Google & Bing
  • Facebook & Instagram advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising & messaging
  • Chatbot design & implementation
  • Custom analytics
  • CRM & sales team integrations